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PVCu Bi-fold Doors – A Brighter, Beautiful Solution

Create a whole new feel for your home by linking rooms together and seamlessly joining inside living with outside space.

Versatile and aesthetically pleasing, bifold doors are the ideal replacement for existing patio or French doors to instantly modernise and open up your living space with natural light.

Amazingly flexible and versatile, bi-fold doors can be fully opened, partially opened or totally closed, depending on the amount of space available.

The benefits of bi-folding doors can especially be felt on overcast days, family barbecues, or generally keeping an eye on what the pets and young children are up to.

PVCu Bifold Doors Portrait

Why PVCu Bi-folding Doors?

For a family friendly solution which also has superb secondary benefits for those working from home, bi-folding doors really are the way to go.

We all know that particularly on the overcast, grey days, getting natural light into the home is a challenge, and it can really affect our productivity.

With an increasing trend towards working from home, it is important to have your home up-to-date with your current requirements.

Bi-folding doors are a brilliant way to tackle the issue of lack of natural light. In addition, because of its folding mechanism, it takes up far less space than a conventional door that opens up outwards and inwards.

UPVC Bi Folding Doors
UPVC bifold Grey Doors

As mentioned above, bi-folds are incredibly good at merging the outside with the inside.

Just imagine during the holidays when you might be working from home, and you want to keep an eye on your children and/or pets who love to run around; bi-folding doors allow you to keep an eye on the outside as well as the inside by their very design.

Our bi-folding doors are also family friendly and are part of the Secured By Design police initiative; this means that despite having increased visibility into your home, it is extremely difficult to break into the home with our bi-folding doors even with tools.

In addition, uPVC is significantly cheaper than its aluminium counterparts.

Furthermore, uPVC has a higher degree of personalisation through a variety of finishes and colour schemes.

In addition, uPVC has comparatively lower maintenance, meaning that you won’t have to put so much effort into cleaning it in order to maintain the look.

The quality of modern uPVC frames is also renowned for their colourfastness, meaning that the colour won’t fade or rust.

PVCu Bifold Doors in Black
PVCu Bifolding Door

Another huge benefit is the locking mechanism.

As mentioned, all of our uPVC and aluminium bi-folding doors are certified Secured By Design.

This is visible in the shootbolt locking for all doors, as well as the 3-hook locking to master door. 

Not only is it convenient for you to lock and unlock the bi-folding door, but it also provides a strong security barrier.

Now, one of the big questions about any aperture is insulation.

Rest assured that all of our uPVC and aluminium bi-folding doors have A-Rated glass.

This means that they conform to the best standards when it comes to thermal efficiency.

In other words, you will have lower heating bills in the winter with our bi-folding doors, as through double and triple glazed options, the heat loss becomes very minimal.

What is a Bi-folding Door?

A folding door system optimises your way of living by drawing the exterior home, with a minimum of space usage.

The high-performance system offers different opening types, both inward and outward, to meet all possible requirements.

Apart from the standard folding elements, they can feature a main door principle, in which the first ‘leaf’ is used as an entrance door without affecting the other folding leaves.

In this way, you can have the doors open with minimal inconvenience, as and however you wish to have them configured.

With a minimalist design combined with contemporary aesthetics and functionality, they can add a significant amount of value your life at home as well as your property.

When it comes to tailoring

There are different colours to choose from with different finishes. In addition, the number of panes or leaves you can choose is between 2 and 6.

If you are ever in doubt about which look is most suitable for your home, then our staff can help select an appropriate home improvement based on your aspirations and criteria.

Remember, you have a right to a NO OBLIGATION FREE QUOTATION with Eaton Home Improvements.

Summary of Benefits

There are many advantages to having bi-folding doors on your property. The main advantages are as follows:

When opening or closing the door, bi-folding doors take up less space than French doors or conventional doors.

Brightens up the room by allowing transmission of more natural light.

This is an initiative by the police which certifies products which are highly resistant to break-ins. Our Bi-folding doors are Secured By Design, meaning due to the design of our bi-folding doors, criminals will struggle to break-in even with tooling.

This is a feature which supports this initiative and contributes to an added layer of security.

This means that simply knocking the glass won’t be sufficient to break-in.

This design feature means that there are multiple points at which the locks operate within the frame. This makes it extremely difficult for break-ins to happen even with tooling, because there are so many points to break through. One cannot simply drill through the lock and hope to break-in.

Highest rating for thermal efficiency will keep you home warm in the winter, whilst creating savings on your energy bills. In addition, you have the option for double and triple glazing.

There are an array of colours and finishes you can choose from, including anthracite grey and white. In addition, you can choose for your door to have between 2 and 6 panes inclusive. These panes can be configured in a variety of ways, and you have the freedom to choose which pane contains the master door.

The products are manufactured to meet weather performance, operational, and strength standards specified in British Standard BS 6375 Parts 1 & 2.

The main advantage of choosing uPVC or PVC-u over other materials is due to its weather resistance, cost effectiveness, and flexibility with regards to the colour schemes and finishes available.

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