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Eaton Excellence uPVC Doors……. unparalleled design, security and efficiency

Eaton Home Improvements glazed doors offer a stylish way to let more light into any room and create a beautiful view over your garden and allowing easy access to your patio area.

Practical, stylish and available with a range of glass and panel types, add a breath of fresh air for your kitchen or dining room. 

Eaton Home Improvement’s beautifully made doors come in a range of styles, colours and finishes to blend naturally with any home.

Available with inward or outward opening, in a variety of styles, colours and glass options and glass designs, from leaded to Georgian bars. Furthermore, a range of bottom panel designs in solid or woodgrain are available with complementing hardware finishes in gold, chrome, black and white.

uPVC Door

Make an Eaton Entree with our exquisite uPVC door collection

We offer a broad range of uPVC entrance doors that come in designs to accommodate your aspiration.

We ensure that our PVC-U Door panel collection is manufactured to the highest standards whilst offering a range of unparalleled choices of styles, colours, and glazing options so you find something that complements your home.

We’ve even considered the finer details such as colour matched hinges to complete the overall look.

Eaton Home Improvements combine versatility in design with modern locking technology

Our uPVC doors open inwards or outwards, there is a large variety of styles available which include side light options, panel styles with many different glass types and various solid colour and woodgrain finishes.

Multi point Yale high security locking system, incorporating anti lift bolts, opposing hooks and pre compression rollers along with a one piece keep.

Benefits of Eaton Home Improvements uPVC doors

High security multi locking point Yale security. With anti-bump, anti-drill, anti-tampered multi locking security in a wide range of styles, you are sure to find a door that will enhance your property and provide you with peace of mind. Every door we supply is made to measure and tailored to your specific requirements.

Our high-quality door panels are manufactured using advanced technology, which forms and bonds two uPVC skins to a variety of materials and reinforcing options. This ensures the integrity of the panel in all the elements.

Utilising Vacuum Forming Technology, each uPVC door panel is manufactured to exacting standards and hand finished to suit your style and budget.

Providing a vast number of styles, glass designs, and colours to choose from, we promise that no matter the age, style or aesthetic of your home, we can find the perfect uPVC front door for you.

uPVC is one of the most versatile options available.  It’s impervious to water, colourfast, and is resistant to daily knocks and scratches.

uPVC doors require little to no maintenance. Just an occasional wipe down with warm soapy water, and a lint free cloth will keep your doors looking great for years to come.

As we are committed to minimising our environmental impact, our uPVC door panels feature a fire-retardant core material with no CFCs or HFCs, are non-toxic, and totally recyclable.

Protected by Heat Reflective Technology, our uPVC door panels have a heat reflective skin which, when combined with an extra density core, provides excellent insulation. This means as well as looking great, your door helps block out noise and heat from entering or escaping your home.

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Eaton Home Improvements Style and Design Range

PVCu Classic Collection

Eaton uPVC Classic Collection

Timeless styles in Clear, Diamond Lead, and Georgian Bar glass designs, all enhanced with decorative patterned or clear backing glass options.

Eaton uPVC Contemporary Collection

A contemporary style that makes a real statement. Featuring a wide range of Special effect glass designs, it is a stunning choice for your Eaton aspiration.

uPVC Heritage Collection

Eaton Heritage Collection

Colourful film lead, resin, and sandblasted opaque designs with a modern twist.

PVCu Bevel Collection

Eaton Bevel Collection

Specially seamed bevels that are uniquely handcrafted onto clear and opaque glass. These panels provide privacy whilst maximising natural light in your home.

Eaton Crystal Collection

Stylishly combining clear and coloured crystal designs with deep cut, clear resin bevels, set against a backdrop of intricate backing textures. Some feature a splash of dynamic colour.

Eaton Queen Collection

Exclusive and luxurious designs that showcase glass bevels nestled between finely patterned backgrounds, and platinum coloured soldered joint lead work.

PVCu Fused Jewels Collection

Eaton Fused Jewels Collection

Features door panels glazed with handmade bevelled glass diamonds and shapes, which will sparkle and refract light, adding colour into your home.

uPVC Fused Collection

Fused Collection

A beautiful selection of unique vivid and contemporary styles, fusing together different coloured and unusually textured glass to create elegant design patterns.

Make it Your Intelligent Design....

Pick a Colour, Personalise Your Glass, and Perfect Your Aspiration by Accessorising Your Door

Pick a Colour from our range of Colourgrain and Woodgrain options. From modern Chartwell Green and Anthracite Grey, to the ever-popular Oak or Rosewood.

Accessorise Your Door with our quality door furniture, including door knockers and letter plates in a variety of colours.

Looking After your uPVC door

To avoid any discolouration or damage caused through over-vigorous cleaning trying to shift stubborn stains a regular wash with warm soapy water will keep your uPVC door in great condition.  

Use a soft brush or soft cloth to brush off any dust and loose dirt. If you have a hose, rinse the windows with clean water to remove dirt.

Make a warm water soapy solution with a squirt of washing-up liquid. Use a soft cloth and the soap solution to wash down the door frame.

DO NOT use a scouring pad, wire wool or sponge with a scouring surface. If you have a hose, rinse again with clean water.

To get a real sparkle finish, use a specific window cleaning spray with a soft cloth and then rub down with kitchen roll or old newspaper.

But DON’T spray this on the frames. You can also use vinegar – Mix ½ cups of vinegar with 2 cups of water and a few drops of washing-up liquid.

Use a soft cloth to apply to the windows and then use old newspaper to rub in a circular motion to dry to a sparkly finish.

One of the main problems with cheap or older uPVC is it can develop a yellow tinge and it would be natural to think that a squirt of bleach will bring back the super white frames –Don’t use bleach to clean uPVC window frames or sills.

It will damage the surface of the uPVC and can permanently discolour it. If you leave bleach on the uPVC frame it can turn it brown.

Any type of chemical can have a reaction with the chemicals in the uPVC and strip the surface that will leave it looking matt and dull or even tinted – and, you can’t ever reverse this damage.