Skypod Roof Lanterns

If you are looking to revitalise the look of your home both internally and externally, then skypods are an amazing solution. More and more of our customers are choosing skypods because the concept is so simple yet so effective.

What Is a Skypod?

A skypod is a glass structure installed part of the main roof, or sometimes even on a flat extension. Similar terms for skypods include “roof lantern” or “skylights” among other things. The concept for all these is essentially the same despite the differences in names.

What is the difference between a Skypod and a Skylight?

A sky light is a name you can give to any glass structure in the roof or ceiling, but a skylight and skypod are two completely different types of roof light. A skylight is a flat window set into the roof at the same angle as the roof, so you can have a flat roof or pitched roof skylight.

The light can either be a non-opening flat light or can open by means of a centre-pivot or be top-hung. A skypod is fitted to a flat roof and projects above the roof, usually in the shape of a pyramid or crested elongated pyramid, to let light in from all sides. Skypods are usually non-opening, but often ventilation is available.