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If you are looking to revitalise the look of your home both internally and externally, then skypods are an amazing solution. More and more of our customers are choosing skypods because the concept is so simple yet so effective.

The Eaton Home Sky Pod or Roof Lantern rooflight is designed to perfectly complement your property’s style.

It is easily installed on a new-build extension, traditional orangery or existing flat roof to bring light and space into your home

The thermally efficient glazing reduces heat loss and intrusive noise, allowing your room to stay warm.

The addition of a roof vent – available in selected sizes with manual or automatic openers, or an automatic opener with rain and temperature control keeps it feeling comfortable all year round.

Our Sky Pods or Roof Lanterns are available in either square or rectangular configurations.

Skypod portrait

What Is a Skypod?

A skypod is a glass structure installed part of the main roof, or sometimes even on a flat extension. Similar terms for skypods include “roof lantern” or “skylights” among other things. The concept for all these is essentially the same despite the differences in names.

What is the difference between a Skypod and a Skylight

A sky light is a name you can give to any glass structure in the roof or ceiling, but a skylight and skypod are two completely different types of roof light. A skylight is a flat window set into the roof at the same angle as the roof, so you can have a flat roof or pitched roof skylight.

The light can either be a non-opening flat light or can open by means of a centre-pivot or be top-hung. A skypod is fitted to a flat roof and projects above the roof, usually in the shape of a pyramid or crested elongated pyramid, to let light in from all sides. Skypods are usually non-opening, but often ventilation is available.

For that extra “wow” factor to your home,

You can add a skypod as a fantastic contemporary design feature.

One of the main obvious aesthetic aspects include exposure to natural light in your own home. Naturally by way of design, skypods brighten up your home. This is particularly important on those dull grey days that occur frequently. British weather isn’t always predictable so we need to make sure we get as much natural light as possible.

By installing skypods, you will automatically enliven your home by increasing exposure to natural light. Not only will this look great but it gives a great boost to your mojo on those duller days. Also, you can enjoy star-gazing on a clear night if you’re into that kind of thing.

Why Choose Skypods?

Related to the previous point about natural skylight, our skypods have a pitch of 20⁰ or 35⁰. This itself optimises the amount of light coming into your home.

One of the questions about skypods are the issues related to safety and security. Our skypods all have toughened glass. Therefore, one can’t simply break the glass in order to get in.

Skypod with natural light
Large modern lantern roof

The other aspect is to do with its efficiency rating. In this day and age where energy bills are becoming more expensive, efficiency is key to reducing those energy bills.

The glass has a U-value as low as 1.0, meaning it has the highest thermal efficiency possible. In the winter, you can keep your house warm without paying a fortune on energy bills.

Some estimates and studies concluded that the carbon emissions can be reduced by 29% in some buildings. The reduction was owed entirely to skylights.

Another aspect with our skypods is that we offer uPVC frames. These are a lot cheaper than the alternatives made from aluminium.

Another fantastic benefit of uPVC is the degree to which tailoring can be done. You can choose a variety of colours including white and anthracite grey.

Additionally, you can even go as far as having different colours for the external and internal parts. Therefore, you don’t have to compromise the internal décor or the external image by trading off between colours.


Skypod from inside
Modern Skypod with sunlight

Note that the external colour always comes before the internal colour i.e. if you wish to have an anthracite grey exterior but a white interior, you can ask for “anthracite grey on white”.

Another way skypods can be tailored is by the number of bars present. You can choose between a “gable count” of two or three, depending on individual tastes. The maximum dimensions of a two-bar are 1.5 x 7.45 metres, and the three-bar configuration can have maximum dimensions of 2.75 x 8.7 metres.

You have a 10-year guarantee should there be any issues.

Last but certainly not least, skypods can add serious value to home. There is a good reason why so many modern and contemporary architects love skylights in so many upmarket properties.

Furthermore, our skypods are designed that the installation process will create minimal hassle to the homeowners.

They are fitter-friendly, meaning that our fitters enjoy installing them as they are ergonomic even in the installation process.

This means our customers can enjoy the benefits of the skypod without having to wait too long.

Skypod - Summary of Benefits

The benefits of skypods are manifold and quite varied. Some of the benefits are technical whilst some of them are more aesthetic.

Increased amount of natural light means a brighter home for you, with a fixed pitch of 20⁰ or 35⁰

Thermal efficiency U-value as low as 1.0 meaning a warmer home with lower energy bills especially in winter

Lower carbon emissions

Our uPVC frames are cheaper than aluminium alternatives

A variety of colours to choose from including anthracite grey and white

The ability to have a bicolour scheme i.e. anthracite grey exterior and a white interior, alternatively called “anthracite grey on white”

Our latest designs are supplied with even cleaner sightlines

A 10-year guarantee should any problems occur

They are fitter-friendly, meaning they are very ergonomic to install. This means minimal hassle for our customers, who can very quickly enjoy the benefits of skypods

Skypod image

A Note about Surveying

Thoroughly surveying a building is essential to ensure a trouble-free, successful installation. This also helps to avoid costly remakes caused by incorrect measuring.

When surveying, it is the surveyor’s responsibility to determine that the structural openings and surrounding areas are in a state of good repair and provide the correct dimensions for manufacture.

In addition, it is also with careful planning and consideration that we perform our fittings. This is both for the health and safety of our valued customers, as well as minimising disturbance to the daily lives of our customers as much as is possible.

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