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Conservatories are fantastic areas for peace and quiet, as well as hosting parties. The natural light due to the amount of glass means the room is always bright, making it perfect for both purposes. Our conservatories by SafeChoice also provide insulation such that it will retain heat in the winter and won’t be overheating in the summer.

Whilst every one of our Eaton Home Conservatories is designed and built to order, we love taking on new challenges. We can manufacture in both uPVC and aluminium, which means that we can make even the most challenging of configurations. We can tailor make a conservatory to your design, space, requirements and budget.

Our conservatories can be designed in mind with an array of colours and configurations and are all Energy A-Rated. The argon filled units are designed to insulate the conservatory against cold in the winter and against heat in the summer; gone is the classic complaint of overheating in the summer and freezing winter mornings.

The classic conservatory is practical, simple and timeless. The modern contemporary conservatory is elegant, spacious and smart. Conservatories with a timeless appearance, style and design options, can be designed to your unique aspirations and requirements to compliment your home.

Eaton Home Improvements also offer a conservatory refurbishment option so if your old glass, tiled or polycarbonate conservatory is starting to fail, we can replace the windows and roof to revive. From small porches to large-scale commissions, we can do it all.

Our Eaton Home conservatories feature the latest security locking, combined with our stunning range of colours and style options, all designed to give you the extra space you envisage and need.

Whether it is a small lean-to porch or an extra space the full width of your home, we have a huge range of conservatory options. Each one is tailor made for your home to your design specification and choice of finishes.


Classic Conservatories

Eaton Home Improvements offer classical conservatories such as Victorian and Georgian styles for a classic look and modern comfort. Traditional conservatories can be finished in your choice of glazing, colour, cresting and finials to make them reflect your unique, style, aspirations and living style.

Below is a description of the two main conservatory styles from the classic conservatories.

Edwardian Conservatory

Versatile Edwardian Conservatory

Edwardian conservatories have a more versatile square or rectangular symmetrical shape that works well to increase existing internal space for a seamless extension. These can also come with ornate cresting and finials to complete the period look or can come with cleaner, simple lines for an updated version of this traditional style.

Classic Victorian Conservatory

Classic Victorian Conservatory

Victorian conservatories are popular for home-owners wanting to maintain the traditional period look of their home. A Victorian conservatory is usually 3 and 5-faceted, with beautiful ornate cresting and finials typical of the Victorian era. Their multi-faceted floor space lends itself well as a separate room, perfect for entertaining guests or creating a peaceful haven.

Classical looks with modern technological features

By combining classical looks with modern technological features, you have a winning formula to maintain the charm of your home and aspirations, whilst upgrading to get an optimal result.

The main features and offerings include:

Ease of access low thresholds available in a range of colours such as UPVC Signature White, Standard foils (Anthracite Grey, Golden Oak, Rosewood, White), and Special Foils (Chartwell Green, Agate Grey, Anthracite Grey Smooth, Black/Brown, Cream, Irish Oak, Light Grey)

Wide range of door styles, window styles and glass patterns available. These include bi-folding doors, sliding doors, French and single doors, casements, vertical sliders and tilt & turn windows

A variety of shapes including Lean-to, Victorian, Georgian, P-Shape, Gable End, Roof Lantern, and T-Shape.

Sidelight window combinations available

High energy thermal rating meaning minimal heat loss and maximum solar heat gain in the winter

High acoustic performance meaning you and your family can be at peace without being disturbed by the outside world

Tailor made to your taste and aspirations

Upgrade to Yale ‘keyless’ entry

10-year warranty for a peace of mind

conservatory image portrait


Italians are well renowned for the flair. This when combined with quaint British design produces an amazing result. This can be found in the Loggia conservatory design. This conservatory has as a cottage look to it, but is versatile enough to work as a standalone building. Loggia can be used as an extension to the main building of the house in question, but it is not exclusive to this purpose.

Conservatory Image Landscape
conservatory image landscape (2)

A loggia lends its design from traditional Italian style architecture. These extensions tend to use the most glazed glass than any other style of extension with classical style columns to offer a more ornate look.
They can look beautifully dramatic against your home, showering it with light to give your home a spacious, open feel.

Loggia Will Transform Your Home

Loggia’s are also surprisingly cost-effective. Arrange an appointment with one of our experienced Sales Advisor to get a full and accurate quote.

They bring you far closer to your garden and the landscape beyond because its design offers very little obstruction of view. They also offer the perfect opportunity for bifold doors too, so you can virtually draw open a whole wall to bring your home and garden into one harmonious space.

A loggia lends its design from traditional Italian style architecture. These extensions tend to use the most glazed glass than any other style of extension with classical style columns to offer a more ornate look.
They can look beautifully dramatic against your home, showering it with light to give your home a spacious, open feel.

The main features and benefits of this conservatory are:

The Loggia combines traditional Italian style with modern energy efficiency and comfort. The large glass sides and roof allow the light to stream in and give a fuller view of the outside. For that extra touch, add bifold doors to complete the look.

Flat and fluted panel inserts to give the aesthetics of a modern or traditional look, whilst making it potentially quicker to construct

Can be used throughout the extension perimeter, meaning that we can adapt the Loggia to your home however you want it

Powder coated aluminium which makes them extremely durable. This means whatever finish you choose will last for a very long time with very little maintenance required

The three standard colours are; White, Black, and Dark Grey. However, you can choose any RAL standard colour if you want a specific tone not from the three standard colours

Italian inspiration with British innovation is summed up in this simplistic yet stylish conservatory style.

10-year warranty for a peace of mind.

roof replacement

Roof Replacements

Replacing your conservatory roof can be great way to breathe life back into the existing space you already love and enjoy. Older roof systems usually lack the argon insulation of modern conservatory roofs that slow down transmission of the heat in the summer from outside, whilst slowing down heat escaping from the house during the winter. They come in full glazed, part glazed and solid roofs. They are also considerably more secure than older roofing systems and guaranteed not to discolour. The main features offered for roof replacements are as follows:

  • Finishes: Terra Brick, Harvest Brown, and Carbon Grey
  • High thermal energy rating, meaning lower heating bills in the winter
  • High acoustic performance, meaning a more peaceful, quieter home environment

If you would like to know more, you can contact us via phone, e-mail or through the form on our website. We look forward to seeing you soon!