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French Doors – Classic Beauty and Practicality Combined

“The Eaton Prestige Composite, makes your home safer, warmer, and with a complementary design that oozes kerb appeal, it increases the value of your home”

Compared with single material doors, composite doors have the following benefits:

The stunning appeal of French doors is that they combine aesthetics with practicality.

Their versatility means you can open just one door, serving as a normal entrance-point into your home, or you can open both doors as a wide opening into your garden.

Why choose French Doors

Eye-Catching and Charming

We at Eaton Home Improvements believe in the classic design philosophy of Vitruvius; beauty, functionality, and firmness. Without these three, architecture is missing something. We would never offer or suggest anything which would contradict this fundamental principle.

Throw open French doors and invite the garden, terrace, balcony or country views inside. A breath of fresh air for your kitchen, lounge or dining room, these beautifully made doors come in a range of styles, colours and finishes to blend naturally with any home.

Eaton Home uPVC double glazed French doors offer a stylish way to let in more light into any room and create a beautiful view over your garden. Additionally, this allows easy access to your patio area.

A breath of fresh air for your kitchen, lounge or dining room, these usually beautifully made doors come in a range of styles, colours and finishes to blend naturally with any home.

French Doors Will Revive Your Home

The timelessness of French doors offers real elegance, matching any period of property. They allow natural light to pour through your home even when shut.

By having both doors open wide, it allows movement between your home and garden with greater ease.

French doors really do add a touch of French-inspired glamour to your lifestyle by allowing guests to flow between your maison and jardin (home and garden).

Additionally, they will allow you to see what is going on outside the house.

This is great for keeping an eye on the kids especially when they are running around between the house and garden.

Features and Benefits of French Doors

Our French door allows you to enjoy the benefits of modern design with high security, advanced weather and energy performance combined to ensure our products are built to the test of time.

High performance weathering with Q-Lon weather seal

Available in a variety of foiled finishes.  These include White, Cream, Light Grey, Anthracite Grey, Black, Brown, Irish Oak, Golden Oak, Rosewood and Chartwell Green.

Wide range of handle colours to complement the finish of your windows

Wide range of glass designs from leaded Georgian bars.

High security Yale multipoint locking system.

Comprehensive range of solid and woodgrain colours available.

French doors are of uPVC construction, combining versatility in design with modern locking technology.


Our Eaton Home Improvements French Doors are available to open inwards or outwards in a variety of styles which can include mid-rails and can also be designed with side panels to span larger openings.

Full and half panel styles and full glass are also available.


Eaton Home Improvement offer multipoint high security locking system, incorporating anti-lift bolts, opposing hooks and pre-compression rollers available as a standard on the master door.

The slave door is available in a choice of locking options including finger bolts, allowing the sash to be opened independently or shoot bolts allowing the sash to be opened via a second handle.


All of our Eaton Home Improvements products are manufactured to meet weather performance and operational strength and characteristics as specified in British Standards Parts 1 and 2.

Summary of Benefits

Here is a list of benefits when you choose Eaton Home Improvement’s French Doors. They can be summarised as follows:

There is a certain elegance to homes with French Doors.

Their popularity is owed to the fact they can really spruce up your home with the simple idea of allowing so much light in.

The design of the doors themselves are extremely alluring and have a timeless charm to them.

No doubt these doors will add value to your home because aesthetically, they add so much.

Sometimes you can’t be in the same room as your kids, especially when they are always moving from one room to another, from the garden to the living room. With French Doors, you can actually keep an eye and an ear out for the little ones as they move throughout the home and garden. This is particularly important to consider as there is an increasing trend towards working from home.

There are many design options to choose from, as well as colour combinations and finishes. There is also the possibility of full panel, half panel and full glass available. You can also choose if you want the doors to open outwards or inwards. If you feel lost for words, then one of our sales experts can offer tailored guidance on colours and finishes that’ll revitalise your home. It is natural that when you are looking for a home improvement, you want to get the most out of your investment. We promise that you can get the biggest bang for your buck with us.

Toughened glass means that it’s not so easy to break through the glass. In addition, there are multiple point locking systems provided by Yale. These multiple points means that one can’t simply drill or snap through the locking mechanism at a singular point. Furthermore, the locks can’t simply be leveraged by usage of ordinary tools.

The seals are very important. We offer Q-Lon seals which are among the most popular in the industry. This helps provide optimal insulation, leading to lower energy bills in the winter.

This material is popular in the industry for being relatively easy to maintain, light in weight, versatile with respect to the colour combinations and finishes available whilst being colourfast.

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