Sliding/Patio Doors……. Offer a Wonderful Space Saving Solution…. Enhance Your Home and Let the Outside In

‘A classic solution to allowing lots of natural light and fresh air into your home, bringing you closer to your garden with a door that can easily slide open and closed.’

Why choose Patio Doors?

Family Friendly

You are probably wondering how this is possible with sliding doors. One of the biggest things about being a family is keeping on eye on the kids.

Especially in the summer with their friends over, garden parties etc. they are always running around in-and-out the garden. As a parent, you always want to make sure they are safe and know what they are doing.

The sliding doors increases visible exposure to the garden, meaning that you can always see what the kids are up to.

This is one of the major advantages of a sliding door compared with a solid wall or a small aperture. You can also hear what is going on better, which is important especially as there is an increasing trend on working from home these days.

The maintenance itself is fairly easy.

We recommend that you check perhaps once a month where usage is regular, and once every couple of months for infrequent usage, that the track isn’t filled with dirt.

It can very easily be washed out or simply take an old toothbrush and remove any dirt gathered.

High Security

Eaton Home Improvement, Sliding doors are available with a range of security options, including interlocking mechanisms that are BSI Kitemarked, and that achieve the PAS24 security standard.

Moreover, due to the internal beading, this means an extra level of security.

There is very little risk of doors removed from the outside as in order to remove the beading, an intruder would have to smash the glass and reach in – potentially waking you and triggering an alarm in the process.