STABLE DOORS………. A Nostalgic Feature

A stable door offers a nostalgic, charming cottage or farmhouse feature to your property.

Stable Doors To Rejuvenate Your Home

As with all our doors, you can choose whether you want it to open outwards or inwards. You can personalise it with patterned glass, door colour, style choices, and with attractive door furnishings.

Although you could choose to have a stable door fitted to the front of your property, they are particularly useful as back doors as they allow you to view your garden from the dining room or kitchen.

They add an authentic, classical feature to the rear or front of your property, that is especially well suited to traditional or rural properties.

Why Choose Stable Doors

As a family, you always have a lot going on. Common pets such as cats and dogs along with children means you always have to stay sharp.

You want to be able to keep an eye and an ear on the kids whilst being in the kitchen or the living room, whilst they are running around in the garden.

Perhaps you need to keep the pets out for a bit and can’t risk opening the door in case they run in. You can keep the upper half open to allow light and sound in, whilst keeping the lower half shut to stop pets from coming inside if you need them out.

Another major benefit comes when you use stable doors as internal dividers between rooms.

Internal kitchen stable doors when used in kitchens, again they can keep small children and pets out from under your feet and away from the dangerous equipment while enabling you to pass food to other members of the household without needing to fully open the door.