Eaton Home Improvements – Brands that we are proud to work with

At Eaton Home Improvements, we only work with the best brands in the industry-all U.K based.
We choose these brands in order to bring you the best and most tested market leading products that are not only ahead of their game but that are sustainable and safe conforming to the latest building regulations and standards.
These Brands work hard to keep us informed of how their design solutions cleverly incorporate the latest changes in building regulations ahead of time without compromising on the aesthetics that you recognise them for.

This means we can focus more on what we do best;
– [ ] Spend more time listening to you and your design aspirations.
– [ ] Continue to complete on time more high quality installations.
– [ ] Continue to offer meticulous and diligent aftercare post installation.
– [ ] As per our reviews, continue to offer you an overall excellent service.

The Brands that we work with help in providing an excellent service to you by providing us with account managers. Our expert account managers provide us with marketing and sales support and most importantly super fast and attentive after care and ongoing training.

Eaton Home Improvements would like to thank all of their suppliers.

Finally, your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. Unlike other installers that may focus more on cost benefits, we choose our supplier brands based on their production quality, efficiency and their over all reliability.

In our experience, all these factors are essential considerations in providing you with the most smooth, reliable and quality installation experience possible. Therefore, only the best most customer focused suppliers make the Eaton Home Improvement Brand Team.

Special thanks to the UK Window and Doors Group the back bone success to Eaton Home Improvements, indeed “providing us and you with the service & support tools to make our life”-UK Window and Doors Group.

Special thank you our Account Manager Alex F-(Safe Choice) for your positive charm, 1:1 continuous support and care.

Simon P-(Evolution) for your good will, expertise and guidance. Legend!

Michael J-(Techniglass) For knowing and making all things GGF and glass related educational and interesting. Genius!

Kevin-(Technical)- Your famous words, “I don’t know if I can help on this one” but classically and unknowingly you always do help and know the answer to all things technical.

Leanne-(Planning) For keeping us informed on all the products and their planning. Your helpfulness and ongoing superb training.

Aftersales and Customer service; Thank you all for the outstanding and reliable support service that you provide.

UK Windows and Door Group Divisions

* Duraflex
* Techniglass
* Sevenday
* SafeChoice
* Evolution