Eaton Home Improvements- The important stuff. More about your Windows & Doors Warranty ?

 At Eaton Home Improvements, we only supply and fit from the U.K’s most reputable window and doors manufacturers. These manufacturers (all U.K based) provide us with warranties that cover components of the windows and doors that we install for you. This is an assurance for us the installer that our supplier will  repair or replace parts of your items within a certain period from installation or delivery of your goods to us at Eaton Home improvements. This period, their varying items and their components covered in the warranty may differ between our manufacturers with most offering warranties up to 5 or 10 years.

 Eaton Home Improvements Manufacturers Warranty cover the following; (Please check your contract for the period of length covered). The manufacturer warranty  is an agreement between us (Eaton Home Improvements) and the Manufacturer (Supplier) providing the warranty for their products that we install for you. e.g.:

  • Window Frames, Glass and moving parts components.
  • Door Frames, Glass, and moving parts components 

At Eaton Home Improvements, we have such confidence in the performance of our chosen suppliers windows and doors that we extend these warranties for free, with windows, glass and moving parts being warranted up to 15 years from date of installation and 10 years for all doors (Door Frames, Glass, and moving parts components).

What’s the purpose of my Window & Door Guarantee if I’ve already a free warranty in place. Are both required?

Yes, both are required, especially for your peace of mind. FENSA, the long-standing Government-authorized Scheme, requires that all their accredited members must offer their consumers additional insurance (known as insurance backed guarantee) as a condition of membership. Eaton Home Improvements uses the largest insurance-backed guarantee provider in the UK, QANW (Quality Assured National Warranties), for its customers. Your insurance backed guarantee would potentially save you large expenses associated with repairs and or replacement(s) should our company cease to trade.  as QANW would attend to the repair and or replacement(s). Your 10 year insurance backed guarantee would come into effect if our company were to become insolvent and QANW would attend to your repair/replacement aftercare. (Please visit for their terms and conditions)

* Eaton Home Improvements are FENSA registered 39816, we are proud to offer our consumers the maximum 10 year terms of an insurance backed guarantee.  

Importance of warranty and guarantee for windows and doors:

At Eaton Home Improvements, we are confident and proud to be able to offer you a 15 year warranty from the date of your installation for windows and ten years for all  doors upon installation as described below; (if and when monies are paid in full as per contract and terms and conditions)

  • Window Frames, Glass and moving parts components 15 years (Non accidental) resulting from  manufacturing, seal failure or fitting.
  • Door Frames, Glass, and moving parts components  10 years (Non accidental) resulting from  manufacturing or fitting.
  • Reasonable faults like manufacture defects/damage and Workmanship are covered under Warranty.

Duration of moving window parts and door parts covered under Warranty for:

 All the metallic moving parts on your supplied windows and frames, such as handles, hinges & locks, cover a manufacturer’s warranty of a minimum of 2 years and an extended free warranty by us-10 years for doors & 15 years for windows from the date of installation (if  and when monies are paid in full) as per our terms and conditions.

Are there circumstances in which I couldn’t make a claim?

Yes, Damages made as an act of negligence or accident or lack of proper maintenance by you or any other third party (following installation). If and when any repair work is carried out by you or any other third party following installation would both invalidate warranty and guarantee.

When and how does my warranty/ guarantee come into effect?

Upon completion and full payment as per your contract with us, we will register your installation with both FENSA and QANW. Your warranty comes into effect immediately and your IBG and FENSA certificates will be registered bearing your completion date. Your Guarantee and Warranty with us will therefore start instantly. The manufacturer’s warranty between us and our suppliers will commence upon the delivery of the items to us.

Who/When will I be issued my documents confirming my guarantee and warrantee?

Within two months of installation, QANW will directly issue by post your  insurance-backed guarantee. To ensure the safety of this document, you could  keep your certificates in your Eaton Home Contract document folder.

The value of my FENSA certification and IBG with QANW. 

FENSA certificate will be issued within two months of installation, your FENSA certification will comply  with building control regulations. FENSA will inform your local council so that your installation is registered with the local council. It is protected by an Eaton Home warranty and insurance-backed guarantee.

It is a legal requirement to provide proof up to 6 years from installation (such as your FENSA certificate) that  your replacement windows and doors comply with building regulations. Should you, however, misplace your FENSA certificate, you can order a replacement directly from FENSA’s website for a small fee of £25.00 (including VAT).

How should I make a claim under Warranty?

If  you wish to make a claim, please email  [email protected] with as much contextual information. Upon receiving your email, our customer care will contact you within three days to discuss your claim and the respective resolution and service call.

 Finally, please don’t hesitate to call us for any repairs that fall out of the warranty period. Our friendly team of experts will help you with the additional charges if required to replace the damaged thing.